ANA LUMACK STUDIO offers concept development, experiential design and material driven production. The studio is led by spatial designer Ana Lumack alongside a team of creatives and professionals who embrace creativity, craftsmanship and a high level of integrity in their work. The studio offers a holistic process — from conceptualisation to execution and post production. Ana Lumack Studio is characterised by creative approach with excellence in production and a worldwide reputation.


A comprehensive and thoughtful approach guides the design ethos, stemming from knowledge, passion and genuine curiosity. At the core of Ana Lumack’s studio practice is sustainability: Making well considered, long lasting material choices and design decisions throughout the process — from initial sketches through implementation to dismantling.


The studio practice values movement, choreography and visual effect, and is developed to evoke feelings and create memory through embodied experience. The process of designing a function or an aesthetical piece involves complex compositions of everything from material to sounds, all affecting and impacting participatory experience. The productions explore and unfurl needs and visions, rooted in materialised environments.


From a single piece of furniture or a captivating space to an unforgettable dinner or thoughtful consulting — with their in-house production and construction workshop, and broad range of expertise, Ana Lumack Studio is a reliable partner. The team of carpenters, artists and producers especially excels at acting as a collaborator from start to finish, offering experience and dedication every step of the way.