Exhibition Design
Design and Installation

The UBS Art Studio in 2019 was dedicated to #TOGETHERBAND in support of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This initiative was also endorsed by artist, Federico Herrero who exhibited his work within our designed booth.

Key features:

A handcrafted dome, made of 100% of recycled cardboard used for immersive film screening of “Life bellow land”.

The #TOGETHERBAND tapestry stood as a work of art; allowing the viewer to reflect on the Global Goals and to celebrate craftsmanship and community.

#TOGETHERBAND 'dispenser', visually displayed which causes the public were most engaged with, demountable by design and reused for multiple pop ups & campaigns.

2020 presented the challenge of reconsidering how guests could interact and engage with the Sustainable Development Goals and effectively deliver the messages of each colour. We explored a unique kinetic version of the Tapestry, powered by human touch.


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