MAGASIN DU NORD Christmas Campaign
Facade, Windows & Interiors
Design + Production + Installation

Design, production and installation of 5 Christmas Windows at Magasin du Nord. To include multiple concept proposals, design, installation and styling reflecting the romantic winter getaway on a the mountains, during the "hyggeligt" Christmas season.

In collaboration with the Artists Adrian & Gidi, we developed a series of scenes representing a cosy lifestyle that celebrates Christmas. All made in paper laser cut and hang glued together, the installation were a sustainable approach to set design and brought life to the facade of the historical Danish building.

A video was carefully created de to be projected in the back and bring moment to the spaces, also always a dynamic change thought the winter period.

Christmas decoration for the store Atrium, the most prominent space of the store. Across all floor levels the props celebrated the festive season, inviting public to travel into the winter mountains in between the pine trees. Ski-lifts sustainably made with 100% of paper, hand cut and in collaboration with the duo Artists Adrian & Gidi.