American-Nigerian Wedding
Experiential Event
Design and Production

Brandon Polley and Alero Akuya Wedding.

A unique bridge between an American white wedding and a Nigerian wedding celebrated at the heart of ​Copenhagen. Curated by us, the guests ​journey started with a cruise along Copenhagen’s ancient canals​ ​on ​Friday​,​ and finished with a vibrant dance-party complete with Afro-Beats, raining $1 bills, and a heart-felt send-off for a couple writing a new chapter of their story together at the historical​ Langelinie Pavillonen.​

On Saturday, Brandon and Alero’s traditional wedding western-style ceremony happened at the Sankt Petri Kirke, the oldest church in central Copenhagen. Dating back to the 15th century, the sanctuary came alive as the bride and groom exchanged vows. Afterward, a New Orleans inspired brass band led the 150 guests on a walk to the Yaffa Restaurant.

The next day, a Nigerian style ceremony and party was held in a flower filled room,​ done by a collaboration between AL studio and the design studio Tableau-CPH. ​A special Nigerian catering was provided by the Caribbean house wife and the ceremony was carefully orchestrated by us to keep the traditions honoured, families intersected, and the couple’s union celebrated.



The Caribbean House Wife