Art Exhibition
Exhibition Piece execution

The exhibition The World is in You, at Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen investigates how the environment affects our bodies, through a mix of art, science and history. We contributed to this fascinating interdisciplinary exhibition by building a soundbox housing an immersive sound installation titled “Tarme og psyke – en nærlytning” (Gut and psyche - a close listening) which “builds on a research project in which participants interested in the connection between gut and psyche came together to do “memory work” – a group-based method in which the participants write short texts about specific memories, which they then read and discuss together. The stories in this work are taken from those texts and conversations. The texts proceeded from the prompt, "One time my gut and psyche spoke to each other".

The installation includes a specially built directional speaker by Jonas Linnet, and the vocal talent of Mathilde Eusebius.

Artist: Eduardo Abrantes

Exhibition: Kunsthal Charlottenborg