FRAME x Montana Furniture

A space for many.
An opportunity for creative encounters, meetings and gatherings. A space for possibilities. The interior is divided into sections, these are modular so that the space can be multifunctional. Meetings, flexible work space, dinners, talks and much more. The modular Montana system will carefully provide a range of possibilities. The centerpiece, a long communal table, made from multiple Montana modular units, invites individuals to come together and collaborate, work individually or simply pause for a moment. Flooding the space with terrestrial colours, these colours allow for an energised and grounded environment. Inspiration taken from ginger and tumeric root which invigorates the senses, simultaneously fiery, earthy and cleansing.

The left hand side of the room has been designed in vanilla, to ensure a neutral, calm and relaxing space. The colour offers some of the warmth felt from the earthy Turmeric yet delivers the crisp, cool tones of White. The use of Ivory complements the Vanilla, a quiet pleasant colour that sets a relaxed tone, adding an element of understated elegance. We believe in collaboration, the excitement of bringing people together and the ideas that can arise through meaningful encounters.

Multiple areas in the space encourage this, as well as interactive areas where additional AV, projection and live visuals can be incorporated. It’s vital to ensure the space is sustainable, which means flexibility, conscious sourcing and multi-purposing materials, shapes and units.