Folkemødet, The Democracy Festival
Spatial & Experiential Design
Design, production and Installation
2022 & 2023

Atmosphere Design for the Democracy festival 2022, known as "The People's Meeting".

The non-profit event gathers organisations, citizens, parties, volunteers, culture and business to take part and celebrate democracy. There we designed and developed simple spatial solutions to bring people together, enhance conversations and promote encounters.

Embracing the beautiful location, at Bornholm Island, We delivered sustainable designs such as versatile seatings, stage design, speech tables, way-finding lighting, parties decoration, and more. Our designs, sourcing and production work, collaborated with the event organises to provide not only a cost effective production, but a unique experience.


For the Second year working on the atmosphere design of the festival we have focused in changing the main signage. From a rust wooden one to a contemporary solution.

As the festival enhance a construction of a democratic society we took literal the sense of "construction" and used scaffoldings as a main element to create portals to specific areas and support for all event signages.

As non profit event we collaborated with the organised to create affordable solutions yet impactful and engaging.

Repainting old owned furniture and creating a colour blocked space, is one of the simple solutions to make an nice atmosphere for guests, without having to bring in new items.